About Us

Who We Are?

ABC is the leading company in retail display fixtures in Egypt for more than two decades.
The Company established in 1995, since its establishment, ABC has entrusted the development of the retail display systems in Egypt by providing integrated solutions through innovative designs according to the latest worldwide trends and the latest technology in this field.
As a result of the expansion of the company’s activities, coping with the increasing needs of all business types, the company has added warehouse racking systems to its product range as well as office and hotel furniture, in order to offer a unique and integrated product range for its customers, whatever the customer’s business type, whether its service business, merchandising business, manufacturing business or hybrid business

Why You Choose Us?

The company’s worldwide production lines, high quality raw materials and a strict quality control Management system that, makes it the common denominator in the most important commercial and industrial projects in Egypt and a successful partner for most well-known local and worldwide brands.

Knowledgeable Staff
Operating for 25 years, our store design specialists conduct the on-site measurements, store planning and on-site installations. We’ve worked with thousands of retailers all around the country to create the best brand identity and most profitable visual merchandising for retail stores.

Unmatched diversity of product range and integrated solutions, with access to a wide network of suppliers all over the country.

Massive stock, which provides the widest selection, along with fast and reliable delivery.


The company seeks to maintain a prestigious competitive position in the Egyptian market as a leading company and maximize the market share of the company by expanding the potential client base horizontally and maintaining a long-term relationship with the company’s current clients to achieve the highest growth rates.


We strive to be a customer-centric organization and to be essential to our customers by providing differentiated products and services to help them achieve their aspirations.


Years of experience


Active clients





Our Values

We consider our customers as partners; therefore, we build a relationship with our business partners based on honesty, integrity trust. And we apply business ethics with our customers.

We believe that continuous innovation is the secret of market leadership, so we strive to provide innovative solutions to our customers.

Customer focus
Our customers are the most valuable asset and their satisfaction is our goal, therefore we relentlessly pursuit to deliver on their expectations.

Continuous Improvement
We proactively seek opportunities to enhance our performance and our team.

Delivering added value
To our customers is our pledge