One of the most important strategic objectives to our company is loyal customer retention, since we believe in partnership with our customers, as it’s the only way, which leads us together to success, as well as enhancing the customer’s experience, customer affinity and customer loyalty are our pledge, and the cornerstone of a long-term relationship with our customers.

Loyalty Program

Features of the Program

Loyalty program is a program that gives our customers bonus points as an incentive for their annual purchases.

Enroll for the program
Subscribe in our loyalty program and you will be able
to redeem your points from our selected products.

Points Accumulation
For every EGP you spend you collect a point Slab based on cumulative annual purchase as following


One Point

From 1-2 M EGP every EGP
you spend = One Point

Two Points

2-5 M EGP every EGP
you spend = Two Points

Three Points

5 M EGP every EGP
you spend = Three Points

Terms & Conditions

  • Card activation starts accumulating one million points.
  • Points are redeemed for any of the company’s free products at the end of the year.
  • Points are redeemed to the first beneficiary of the company whose logo is printed on the card.
  •  Loyalty points are valid for one year.

Find out your loyalty points by contacting us on 01204810872 or visit our website: www.abcegypt.com

If the card is lost, please contact our marketing department on 01204810872.

Loyalty Program
For Our loyalty Program